7 Question to Ask Hedgehog Breeders – Get Ready

Do You Know What Questions to Ask to Hedgehog Breeders Before Getting One of Them as Pet?

When you start to research hedgehog breeders in your area, you should ask them a few questions to ensure that you will be working with a reputable place.


The overall idea is to find out if they have provided a healthy environment and the right care.


For your convenience, we’ve compiled seven (7) basic but important questions to ask your selected hedgehog breeder.


Q: What age can I pick up my hedgehog?

A: It could be between 6 to 11 weeks old. Having it before the recommended weeks is most likely to be not possible.


Q: Do you offer a health guarantee?

A: All hedgehog breeders should offer you a health guarantee.

The guarantee for health issues is typically a MINIMUM of 30 days, and up to 6 months, with the option to return your hedgehog for a full refund or for a different one.


We know this sounds very harsh to do, so try to do your best to embrace it at home – they are not a product!


Keep in mind that many breeders may not have a replacement pet on hand at the time of return, but in this case, they will typically offer you a new hedgehog from the next litter.


Q: Do you have a USDA hedgehog breeding license?

A: If the breeder is operating on a professional basis (the rule for needing a license is if they have 3+ female hedgehogs), the answer should be “yes”.

If the litter is the product of pets or they are not professional hedgehog breeders, they most likely will not have a license.

Lastly, make sure that the hedgehogs are not inbred and that they offer some sort of health guarantee in this case.


Q: Do the parents have any health issues, like wobbly leg syndrome?

A: The answer, of course, should be no! If the parents have any serious issues, be extremely cautious of purchasing from this breeder, as the issue may have been passed on to your new pet hedgehog.

In some instances it is not the breeders fault.

We recommend to read more about hedgehog diseases such as the Woobly Leg Syndrome.


Q: Do you have a return policy if the situation doesn’t work out?

A: Friendly breeders will often offer the option to return the hedgehog if this is the cases, however, most will not offer a refund.

As mentioned before, any animal should not be considered a product. They are a living being and as such, they must be treated well.

If you think your liking is a bit complex, then do not get one.


Q: How often do you feed the hedgehogs and what do you feed them?

A: Hedgehog breeders will most likely feed them with cat food, and they should be able to tell you the specifics so that you can feed yours the same way.

Some experts suggest to fed them once every night, depending on the food you are providing.


Read More: Hedgehog Food List – What to Feed Your Hedgehog With?


Q: What kind of bedding do you use?

A: The answer should be either paper bedding or Aspen shavings. Any other type of bedding has the potential to harm the hedgehogs, especially other wood shavings that contain oils or dyes.


Final Thoughts

The above questions are just a few to ask to any breeder or pet store in your local area.

One last thing that can be done is to call them and have a first impression of their quality as breeders.

You will find out that some places will sound very professional and this is based on how the answer is given.

Last but not least, we suggest to call not only one breeder so that you can compare answers and shortlist the place you feel more comfortable with.



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