Prepare for a Hedgehog!

Once you’ve decided that a hedgehog will be a good fit for you, it’s time to set up his new home!

Here, we’ll walk you through the decisions you’ll have to make as well as how to prepare the proper cage for your pet hedgehog.


Male or female?

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want a male or female hedgehog.

According to the majority of breeders, they don’t see any significant temperament differences between genders.


This means that they have pretty similar personality types.


The main deciding factor should be whether you want to have multiple hedgehogs housed together, which could be overwhelming.


If so, I believe a female is a way to go.


They have been known to cohabitate better than male hedgehogs, and in some cases, even prefer to have a cage mate.

Males are not suggested to be put together in the same cage, as some aggression is possible.


Deciding Where to Buy a Hedgehog

Next, you should decide if you want to buy a hedgehog.

There are two (2) main options:

– pet stores, which may be in some countries, would be restricted or illegal.

– hedgehog breeders, which in my opinion, it is better for you and the animal.


Hedgehog breeders are typically the best option as you would know they have been kept safe, well treated, healthy, and exactly where they are coming from.

On the other hand, to help you choose the right option, we’ve compiled a complete resource page on where to buy a hedgehog.


Ask the Breeder the Right Questions

When you start to research hedgehog breeders and pet stores in your area, it’s essential to ask them some questions to ensure they are from a reputable place and to ensure they provide a healthy environment to their animals.


Read More: Question to Ask Hedgehog Breeders.


Also, you’ll want to ensure that the hedgehog has been raised under the right conditions. This also includes:

– To find out if they have the appropriate licensing to operate.

– They are familiar and knowledgeable with African Pygmy hedgehogs and,

– To receive extra advice on how to care for them properly.

We’ve put together a list of essential questions to ask breeders along with the expected answers, which you can check out here.


Preparing Their New Habitat

Your pet hedgehog will spend the vast majority of time in its cage, so it’s important to choose the right type and set it up properly.

The cage should include a comfortable sleeping arrangement and good play and food areas.


Read More: Preparing a Hedgehog Cage and Habitat.


Our hedgehog cage and habitat article covers all the alternatives, pricing, and supplies required to fill the cage with the correct elements for a comfortable and safe environment.


Understand How to Take Care of Your Hedgehog

Next, you’ll want to become comfortable with the types and amount of care required when owning a pet hedgehog.

You’ll need to provide food and clean water daily, clean his cage regularly, and even clip his nails.


You will be surprised that it is not that complicated if you compare the process with caring for cats!


In addition, you should allow them to have some time out of the cage – it could be around 30 minutes per day – as well as learn how to make them feel comfortable in their new environment.

To read all about caring for a pet hedgehog, check here.


Bringing Them Home

The final step to preparing for a hedgehog is getting ready to bring them home!

Check out our guide to bringing a hedgehog home here, which includes how to prepare their carrier cage, ask for a supply of relevant and acceptable food, and begin the bonding process.


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