Pet Hedgehog Spotlight

Pet Hedgehog Spotlight: Spyke, Pyper + Owner Abby

What has Abby Experienced with Spyke and Pyper?

Today we have our first Pet Hedgehog Spotlight interview with owner Abby and her hedgehogs Spyke and Pyper.

Abby was kind enough to share some answers about owning a hedgehog and tips for future owners.

These beautiful photos of Spyke were taken by Abby’s dad, Ryan.


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Ryan Interview (Spyke)

How long have you had Spyke?

I have had Spyke for at least 1 1/2 yrs.


What made you decide you wanted a hedgehog as a pet?

My dad wanted one as a child, so we got one for him for Father’s Day. But we loved him, so we bought another one (Pyper, a female).


How would you describe Spyke’s personality?

He’s arrogant, shy, funny, and weird.

pet hedgehog care photo Pyper hedgehog

What’s your favorite part about being a hedgehog owner?

I love everything about it!


Any tips for future hedgehog owners?

Hedgehogs love to eat a lot of crickets and mealworms. They need a wheel for exercise and somewhere to sleep like a house.

Also, bathing is very important, which I would do in a plastic container with warm water. You could get a toothbrush and baby shampoo and brush the quills until they’re clean.


Thank you, Abby, for sharing your hedgehogs with us! If you’re a hedgehog owner and want to get your hedgehog in the spotlight, we’d love to hear from you at { }.


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