Pet Hedgehog Spotlight: Bramble + Owner Charlotte

Charlotte and her Pet Hedgehog, Bramble!

We’ve got another excellent hedgehog owner interview to share today!

Charlotte is the owner of an African pygmy hedgehog named Bramble, and she’s shared some incredible insight about life with a pet hedgehog, including care tips and some beautiful photographs of her adorable Bramble.


What do you do, and how long have you had Bramble?

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer living in London. Bramble has been with me for three months, and she is around five months old now.


What made you decide to have her?

I’ve always thought hedgehogs are adorable. After making sure I’d be able to give one happy home, my boyfriend finally got me, Bramble for my birthday.


pet hedghog Bramble


How would you describe Bramble’s personality?

She is endlessly curious and has been great at meeting new people.

Interestingly enough, she prefers our playtime to happen during daylight hours – which is helpful because I like to photograph her – but if I wake her in the evening, she turns into a stubborn, huffing diva (also quite cute).

Bramble likes her face stroked and falling asleep on laps.


What’s your favorite part about being a hedgehog owner?

Aside from playing and looking after her, my favorite part is introducing her to my friends.

Many UK people still do not know that these animals make great pets. I like my friends’ positive reactions to her.


Any tips for future hedgehog owners?

There is plenty of information online about hedgehog ownership, some of which are conflicting, so you’ll still have to experiment until you find out what’s best for your pet.

Be confident when handling them – they are stronger and more resilient than you think.


pet hedghog bramble play time and handling



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