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Where Do Hedgehogs Live? Photo by Capri23aut on Pixabay

Where Do Hedgehogs Live?

Hedgehogs live in different areas of the world in different climates and habitats, both in the wild and as pets in homes. We’ll give you the overview of where wild

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost? Photo by Amaya Eguizabal on Pixabay

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost?

One of the first things to consider when thinking about getting a pet hedgehog is the expenses of owning a hedgehog. The cost of your hedgehog will vary depending on

grumpy hedgehog pet acorn

Pet Hedgehog Spotlight: Acorn + Owner Justin

Justin, a hedgehog owner from Massachusetts, has been kind enough to share a comical take on the potential not-so-glorious side of hedgehog ownership – caring for grumpy hedgehog. While it’s

Hedgehog Facts Basics You Need to Know Photo by Congerdesign on Pixabay

Hedgehog Facts

Interested in getting to know more about hedgehogs? They are interesting creatures with plenty to learn about! Here is a list some basic info and interesting hedgehog facts to get

Hedgehog exercise, play and handling photo by Alexa photos on Pixabay

Hedgehog Exercise, Play and Handling

Being shy and sometimes defensive animals, it’s important to learn how to properly handle your hedgehog. This will ensure that you are not hurting him, he is not hurting you,

Hedgehog Health and Issues photo by Alexas Fotos on Pixabay

Hedgehog Health and Issues

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are typically quite healthy animals, especially when you make sure you adopt him from a reputable place. However, there are some fairly common hedgehog health issues to be