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Hedgehog Play & Exercise Supplies

Once you’ve got a hedgehog cage picked out, it’s time to choose some toys and exercise equipment for your hedgie! Here, we’ve selected some of our favorite hideouts, exercise wheels,


Hedgehog Cages and PlayPens

When it comes time to select a hedgehog cage, you have several options depending on the amount of space you have to place the hedgehog cage in your home, as

Hedgehog Diet - Food and drink containers PHOTO BY Dusan Veverkolog on unsplash

Hedgehog Food & Drink Containers

When it comes to hedgehog food and drink containers, you’ll want to have a couple of different containers on hand in order to help keep your hedgehog’s food environment clean.

Do African Pygmy hedgehogs bite photo? HHC101

Do Hedgehogs Bite?

Looking at a hedgehog, the first thing you’re likely to notice is his sharp-looking quills. The good news is that with gentle handling, a hedgehog’s quills are much less prickly

African Pygmy Hedgehog lifespan as pet photo by capriauto on pexels

How Long is an Average Hedgehog Lifespan?

A hedgehog’s lifespan can vary depending on the breed of hedgehog, his living conditions, and any preexisting illnesses. If you’re interested in having a hedgehog as a pet, you will

Do Hedgehogs smell? Photo by Kenny Belue on Pexels

Do Hedgehogs Smell?

“Do hedgehogs smell?” is a very common question that you may be worrying about when considering purchasing a hedgehog as a pet. The simple answer? Hedghogs will smell if not