Do Hedgehogs Smell?

“Do hedgehogs smell?” is a very common question that you may be worrying about when considering purchasing a hedgehog as a pet.

The simple answer? Hedghogs will smell if not cleaned often enough. But luckily, most of the smell can be avoided!

First, let’s take a look at where the smells can come from.

Hedgehogs themselves are naturally not smelly animals, and give off less of a scent than a hamster or guinea pig, for example. Any odors will be primarily caused by:

  • Feces in the cage
  • Urine in the cage
  • Feces or urine that may be bedded onto your hedgehog’s feet or fur

Now, how you can avoid a smelly hedgehog:

To ensure a close to smell-free hedgehog, you can take the following steps:

  • Spot clean the cage daily for feces or puddles of urine
  • Bathe your hedgehog once per month or when you notice they have become dirty or smelly
  • Empty the liner from the cage and do a full clean weekly or bi-weekly

(Click here for more info on how to clean the hedgehog cage properly.)

By making sure that you clean your hedgehog’s cage regularly and give him a bath when needed, you will be able to keep your hedgehog quite smell-free.

Note: If you notice that your hedgehog is clean but still smells strongly, you may want to check for signs of an infection.


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