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Do Hedgehogs Smell? Tips to Reduce Their Odors!

Have You Ever Wondered if these Little Guys Stink?

Many people consider this a ubiquitous question when considering having one as a pet.

The simple answer? Hedgehogs will smell if not cleaned often enough. But luckily, most of the smell can be avoided!


Where is It Come From?

Hedgehogs are naturally not smelly animals and give off less of a scent than a hamster or guinea pig, for example. Any odors will be primarily caused by:

– Feces in the cage.

– Urine spread out in different places of the cage and,

– Any of the above that could have been attached to their little feet or fur.

By now, most likely, you would know what to do to control the undesired smell, but there are other things you should also check.

I suggest reading Justin’s story about his pet, Acorn, to learn more from his experience with his pet’s odor.


Avoiding the Bad Smell?

You could do a few obvious things to prevent the foul odors in hedgehogs.


Cage cleaning

The following points may help you initially with that approach:

– Spot clean the cage daily for feces or puddles of urine.

– Bathe it once per month or when you notice it has become dirty or smelly.

– Empty the liner from the cage and do a total clean weekly or bi-weekly.

You could also notice a change in texture when striking its quills.

It is paramount ALWAYS to wash your hand after a playing session (unless you are wearing gloves).


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Look at the diet

It is no mystery that the food you eat also reflects how your body processes it and what happens at the other end, right?


The same thing happens with hedgehogs.


Meals that don’t contain low fats and many preservatives (some cat food, for instance) will most likely affect their ingestion system and, therefore, could be reflected when doing their physical needs.

It is essential to provide a balanced nutrition, including insects. Nevertheless, the smell could be unavoidable even by providing the right food.


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Wrap Up

By making sure that you clean your hedgehog’s cage regularly and give him a bath when needed, you will be able to keep it at ease.

Personal hygiene is also important. This is not only for your pet but also for your own sake.


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As you have seen, there are many factors that can contribute to this issue. On this note, be mindful that it cannot be avoided but reduced.

Last but not least, if you notice that your pet hedgehog is clean but still smells strongly, you could be suspicious that an infection may be present.


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