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Average Hedgehog Lifespan: What Can Affect Their Life Expectancy

A hedgehog’s lifespan can vary depending on many factors, including what you do for them!

Every species on this planet has a different life expectancy, and most of the time, based on their habitat and metabolism.

On the hedgehog side, the breed, living conditions, and any preexisting illnesses are also vital factors in reducing it.

If you’re interested in having a hedgehog as a pet, you will undoubtedly know how long you can expect it to live.


Hedgehogs in the Wild

In the wild, hedgehogs are much more susceptible to harsh weather conditions, predators, and injury than they are to domestication; for these reasons and several others, the wild ones have a much lower life expectancy.


Typically between 2 and 3 years, although they have the potential to live up to 6 or 7 years.


What About as Pets?

Pet hedgehogs are, in most cases, a breed called African Pygmy Hedgehog. These are smaller compared to what you could see in their natural habitat.


Since they will be under your care and away from predators, they can live quite a bit longer.


Typically, pet hedgehogs live between 3-6 years, although the averages can span anywhere between 2-8 years. Estimates do vary by source, but we’ve found that 3-6 years seems to be the safest bet.

You can boost the chances that your hedgehog will live the healthiest and longest life possible by making sure:

– Select a healthy one from a reputable breeder.

– Cleaning its living environment regularly.

– Providing suitable types of foods.

Last but not least, this can improve by ensuring they get decent exercise and socialization time each day.


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