Hedgehog Play & Exercise Supplies

Once you’ve got a hedgehog cage picked out, it’s time to choose some toys and exercise equipment for your hedgie! Here, we’ve selected some of our favorite hideouts, exercise wheels, and toys that your hedgehog may love.

Hideouts & Burrowing

Hedgehogs love to burrow and have a hiding place in their cage. There are several great options, from a small pet igloo to a warm snuggle sack to a tube. Try one or more of these for your hedgie!


Exercise + Play

Hedgehogs require physical activity each day, and aside from taking them out of their cage to play with them for 30+ minutes per day, an exercise wheel is highly suggested so that they can get energy on their own. The 12″ Chinchilla wheel shown here is the #1 best selling exercise wheel on Amazon, and is a great size for hedgehogs. You can also get them a toy or two to play with, like this pet knot or little stuffed animals.



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