Hedgehog Play & Exercise Supplies: Keep them Fit!

Do You Know What to Buy to Keep Your Pet Hedgehog Out of Obesity?

Once you’ve got a hedgehog cage picked out, it’s time to choose some toys and exercise equipment for your hedgie!

Here, we’ve selected some of our favorite hideouts, exercise wheels, and toys that your hedgehog may love.


Hideouts and Burrowing

Hedgehogs love to burrow and have a hiding place in their cage. This is part of their instinct to survive from predator or when getting use to a new environment.

There are several great options, from a small pet igloo to a warm snuggle sack to a tube. Try one or more of these for your hedgie and see how they feel with them.



An important thing to do is to actually read people’s reviews of the product.

You may find that some hedgehog owners have struggled with their pet to use the toys.


Exercise and Play

As any other animal, hedgehogs also require physical activity each day.

Aside from taking them out of their cage to play for around 30+ minutes per day, an exercise wheel is highly suggested so that they can get energy on their own.


The 12″ Chinchilla wheel shown here is the #1 best selling exercise wheel, mainly because it is a great size for  most hedgehogs.


You can also get them a toy or two to play with, like this pet knot or little stuffed animals.



The good news about these toys is that they are affordable and should not cause any harm to your pet.


Wrap Up

As you have seen above, even though these little creature seem to be not so active, they in fact require a good amount of exercise to work out their muscles.


Read More: Hedgehog Health and Issues – Learning How to Read Their Symptoms.


A word of advise is to also check and clean every single toy they use.

Lastly, I would suggest also to research what common things they are curious about as sometimes they could be more attracted to them than fancy toys.



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