Hedgehog Care

Are You Aware of What Needs to be Done in Order to Properly Care for Your Hedgehog as Pet?

I know it could be overwhelming to properly know how to take care of a hedgehog.

The following guides will provide most relevant information so that this little mammal lives a good life out of its natural habitat.


15 African Pygmy Hedgehog Threats photo by Clement Falize on unsplash

15 Things That Pose a Threat To Hedgehogs… Keep Them Safe!

The hedgehog population has continually declined throughout the years: from about 30 million in the 1950s, to 1.5 million in the 1990s, and down to less than 1 million today ...
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Hedgehog Cage Liners and Shavings photo by Taylor Binkley on unsplash

Hedgehog Cage Liners & Shavings

Properly caring for a new pet is always important. Most people know the basics for caring for a common pet like a cat or a dog. Less is known about ...
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Hedgehog Play & Exercise Supplies

Once you've got a hedgehog cage picked out, it's time to choose some toys and exercise equipment for your hedgie! Here, we've selected some of our favorite hideouts, exercise wheels, ...
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Hedgehog Health and Issues photo by Alexas Fotos on Pixabay

Hedgehog Health and Issues

African Pygmy Hedgehogs are typically quite healthy animals, especially when you make sure you adopt him from a reputable place. However, there are some fairly common hedgehog health issues to be ...
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Hedgehog Cage Cleaning HHC101 on Pixabay

Hedgehog Cage Cleaning

After you've learned how to set up your pet hedgehog's cage and you've brought your hedgie home, you will need to make sure you clean out his cage regularly to ...
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