Hedgehog Gifts & Accessories

What Accessories Are a Good Fit for Your Hedgehog?

So, you have decided that having a hedgehog as a pet is good for you, and it’s time to get some stuff to provide a livable time.

The following articles will guide you on what items are essential to have before the final move. Also, if you have children, why not guide them by using some illustrated books?


Learning Through Hedgehog Children's Book Photo by Robyn Budlenderr on Unsplash

Learning Through Hedgehog Children’s Book

By Kathleen DeMars The decision to adopt a pet into your family is a big one that should not be entered into without careful consideration. This is especially true when ...

Hedgehog Cages and Playpens: What is The Best in 2022?

What Are the Best Hedgehog Cages to Buy in 2022? When the time comes to select a hedgehog cage, you have several options depending on the space you have at ...
Hedgehog Diet - Food and drink containers PHOTO BY Dusan Veverkolog on unsplash

Hedgehog Food & Drink Containers

When it comes to hedgehog food and drink containers, you should probably look for variety. One thing that most hedgehog owners do is to have a couple of different containers ...
Hedgehogs Arts and Craft photo by Jenny Rollo

Hedgehog Arts and Crafts

We've compiled the most creative, cutest pet hedgehog arts and crafts from around the web, perfect for a fun time for you, your children, or your favorite hedgehog enthusiast! Pom ...
Hedgehog Supplies & Resources photo by Ronny Satzke

Hedgehog Supplies and Resources

This page is a resource for all of the hedgehog supplies you will need in one place. We've selected the best options in different price ranges for each category so that ...