Hedgehog Food & Drink Containers

When it comes to hedgehog food and drink containers, you’ll want to have a couple of different containers on hand in order to help keep your hedgehog’s food environment clean. Let’s dive in and look at some options!

You will need to purchase at least one food and water container to keep in your hedgehog’s cage. If you do not want to wash containers out daily, you may want to consider buying a few bowls so that you can swap them out with a clean one each day.

Here are some of our favorite options for food bowls and water containers:

Food Bowls

Your hedgehog’s food bowl should be heavy enough the your hedgie cannot dump it over, but no taller than 3 inches high so that he can reach the food easily. For these reasons, ceramic small pet dishes make a great option. Here are a few of our favorite choices.


Water Bottles

Your hedgehog will need a water container that should be refilled daily. Some owners use a small bowl for water, but we’d suggest a small pet water bottle. Since hedgehogs like to burrow, their shavings tend to land in an open water container and dry it up. A water bottle eliminates this problem, as it’s hung from the side of the cage in a closed container.

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