Hedgehog FAQs

Do You Know Anything About Hedgehogs? Can They Be Domesticated? How Is It to Live with Them?

I know you have any questions about hedgehogs, especially if you are considering having one around you and your children.

The following articles cover the most frequently asked questions about the African Pygmy hedgehog.


15 African Pygmy Hedgehog Threats photo by Clement Falize on unsplash

15 Things That Pose a Threat To Hedgehogs

Have You Wonder What Threats Hedgehogs Face Everyday? The hedgehog population has continually declined throughout the years: from about 30 million in the 1950s to 1.5 million in the 1990s, ...
Do Hedgehog Make Good Pets photo by Galina Chikunova on unplash

Do Hedgehogs Make Good Pets?

Hedgehogs Are Sometimes Smiley, Grumpy, and Spiny, but at the Same Time, They Are Exotic. Is It Right for You? As we all know, we are used to cats and ...
Do Hedgehog hurt to touch photo by Ariel Camilo

Do Hedgehogs Quills Hurt to Touch If Bare Handed?

If you're thinking about getting a hedgehog as a pet, you may undoubtedly be wondering whether or not they hurt to touch. They can seem frightening and fragile at first, ...
Do African Pygmy hedgehogs bite photo? HHC101

Do Hedgehogs Bite? Be Aware Before The First Approach!

You will Notice That Hedgehog Are Cute. But, Are They Always Like That? I know that the general consent is that hedgehogs are so adorable because of their size. Nevertheless, ...
African Pygmy Hedgehog lifespan as pet photo by capriauto on pexels

Average Hedgehog Lifespan: What Can Affect Their Life Expectancy

A hedgehog's lifespan can vary depending on many factors, including what you do for them! Every species on this planet has a different life expectancy, and most of the time, ...
Do Hedgehogs smell? Photo by Kenny Belue on Pexels

Do Hedgehogs Smell? Tips to Reduce Their Odors!

Have You Ever Wondered if these Little Guys Stink? Many people consider this a ubiquitous question when considering having one as a pet. The simple answer? Hedgehogs will smell if ...
Where Do Hedgehogs Live? Photo by Capri23aut on Pixabay

Where Do Hedgehogs Live? Native and Introduced!

Not Many Know Hedgehog Origins and How They Expanded Over the World. Hedgehogs live in different areas of the world in different climates and habitats, both in the wild and ...
How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost? Photo by Amaya Eguizabal on Pixabay

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost?

Buying Any Pet Requires not Only Having a Budget for it, but Also Its Things. Can You Afford It? One of the first things to consider when thinking about getting ...
Hedgehog Facts Basics You Need to Know Photo by Congerdesign on Pixabay

Hedgehog Facts

Interested in Getting to Know More About Hedgehogs? They are fascinating small creatures with plenty to learn about! Here is a list of some basic info and useful hedgehog facts ...
How to look after an African Pygmy Hedgehog photo by Galina Chikunova on unsplash

About The African Pygmy Hedgehog

The African Pygmy Hedgehog is by far the most commonly domesticated in their species. But, What to Know About Them? There are two (2) other rare types of domesticated hedgehogs: ...