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Hedgehog Facts

Interested in Getting to Know More About Hedgehogs?

They are fascinating small creatures with plenty to learn about!

Here is a list of some basic info and useful hedgehog facts to get the help you expand your knowledge.


Basic Hedgehog Facts

  1. Based on Hedgehog Street and other trusted sources, there are a total of fifteen (17) species of hedgehogs around the world.
  2. Hedgehogs are native to Africa, Asia, and Europe, contrary to what could be found in North America and Australia (introduced).
  3. The scientific name for hedgehogs is Erinaceinae.
  4. African Pygmy hedgehogs are by far the most common pet hedgehogs.
  5. They are insectivores, and their diet comprises 80% mainly from insects in the wild.
  6. Hedgies are nocturnal and sleep during the day.
  7. In the wild, European hedgehogs hibernate during the cold months.
  8. Their quills are actually individual spines.
  9. They have between 5,000 and 6,500 spines.
  10. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, so be careful.


Cute Hedgehog Facts

  1. A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet or pup and is born after 32 days.
  2. They are born in litters of 1 to up to 9 hoglets.
  3. Hedgehogs can climb trees without many issues but if this happens, keep an eye on it.
  4. They can also swim quite well as their body lets them float easily.
  5. As a pet, they like running on hamster wheels. This is good to keep them healthy.
  6. Hedgies also love playing with empty toilet paper tubes, so try and see.
  7. Some hedgehogs are quite snugly and affectionate, while others are very grumpy most of the time.


Interesting Hedgehog Facts

  1. When threatened, they can curl up in a ball, extending their quills for defense.
  2. Hedgehogs are born blind, and it takes a few weeks to start seeing.
  3. It has been noted that they run faster than 6 feet per second when necessary.
  4. They prefer to be alone as solitary animals and only pair up to mate.
  5. Some odors can be bothersome for them, especially incense. As a result, they disperse saliva onto their quills. It is unknown why they do this.
  6. A hedgehog’s quills are filled with air pockets on the inside.


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5 thoughts on “Hedgehog Facts

  • is there a way you can tell what sex they are?

    • When you turn them onto their back, a male will have a belly button a third the way up his tummy.

    • There should be a little circle on the..um area for boys and the girls don’t have one.

      • Thanks Lulu, awesome input.


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