Hedgehog Care

It is Important to Care for a Hedgehog, but What Are the Minimum Things to Do to Keep Them Happy and Healthy?

Once you’ve begun to prepare for your new hedgehog, it’s time to learn how to take care of him!

In this section, we’ll discuss all of the areas of hedgehog care, including diet and food, cleaning, play, and exercise.

Hedgehogs are pretty sensitive to temperature, certain foods, and even smells. Because of their sensitivities, it’s essential to become familiar with the right foods and diet and proper bathing, cleanliness, and care techniques.

Hedgehog Food and Diet

Hedgehogs are insectivores, and in the wild, their diet is composed primarily of insects (though they aren’t too picky and will eat plenty of other foods).

Luckily, when they are domesticated, they do not rely on a diet of insects. Instead, most of their food typically consists of 1-2 tablespoons of cat food per day!

Another fact is that they do like to eat different foods as snacks. This is good to bring some variety into their diet.

Despite the above, they also have several dietary restrictions that you should be aware of to avoid causing harm to them.

To learn more about proper hedgehog diets, click here.


Bath and Grooming

While hedgehogs don’t need to be bathed frequently, it is recommended to give them good care, typically once a month.

One good thing about them is that they are excellent swimmers and typically enjoy their bath time.

However, keep in mind that they do have sensitive skin. To help you find out the options to avoid issues with their skin, I highly recommend the shampoo options listed on our hedgehog bath and grooming page.

Another topic we cover on the grooming page is nail clipping. It’s important to clip your hedgie’s nails about once every two weeks, so they don’t get caught on any fabrics or materials.


Hedgehog Cage Cleaning

Like any other living animal that requires a healthy and clean environment, it’s essential to keep your hedgehog’s cage clean to eliminate the germs from their living area.

It’s recommended that you spot clean and remove all the depositions from his cage daily. This also includes cleaning the linings and any other elements inside the cage.

Learn more about the best ways to clean your hedgehog’s cage here.


Play and Exercise

Hedgehogs can become obese quickly, so a critical aspect of taking care of a pet hedgehog is ensuring that he gets the proper amount of exercise and play.

The best way to ensure your hedgie gets enough exercise is to get a small animal exercise wheel inside his cage.

Many hedgehogs will run miles on their wheels daily, keeping them healthy while having fun.

Lastly, you should take them out of the cage for about a half-hour or more per day to allow them to socialize, relax with you, or get some extra exercise.

For more tips on play and exercise for your hedgie, click here.


Hedgehog Care for Different Personality Types

As you become more comfortable caring for a pet hedgehog, you will become familiar with their personality and temperament.

In our article about hedgehogs as pets, you can read about their different personalities.

You’ll find out that they can be very different from each other; some are social, while some could be grumpy.

The amount of care you’ll have to provide for your hedgehog depends significantly on their personality because grumpy or antisocial hedgehogs prefer less socialization than the more energetic or friendly hedgehogs.

Some hedgehogs love to explore outside their cage, which is excellent as long as you keep a close eye on them!

Other hedgehogs are very cuddly and will enjoy spending their play time cozy on your lap.

Some hedgehogs can be pretty grumpy and prefer to be left alone inside their cage.

In this case, try your best to get it accustomed to you and be taken out of his cage, but don’t force him to be too social if he appears uncomfortable.



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  • October 9, 2021 at 11:08 am

    We have hedgehogs visiting but one seems to wobble when walking & fly’s won’t let him be, we gave him a shelter & food but he still wobbly when walking, please can you help?.

    • October 12, 2021 at 6:05 am

      it is unfortunate that one of the hedgehog is in regular conditions. I would suggest to visit a vet for an initial assessment. You can check vets online if that works best: Vets Near Me.


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