Hedgehog Cages and PlayPens

When it comes time to select a hedgehog cage, you have several options depending on the amount of space you have to place the hedgehog cage in your home, as well as your budget.

We highly suggest selecting a wire cage section. These all meet the minimum suggested size requirements, and have deep plastic trays to keep shavings from spilling out.

When looking at larger cage options, you may notice some nice multi-level cage options. Unfortunately these are not great options for hedgehogs. If they fall from a level, hedgies do not recover from a fall well as some other, more graceful animals. Since they can easily become hurt from falling, we’d suggest staying away from mult-level cages.

Hedgehog Cages

Here are three of our favorite options for wire hedgehog cages. These are very close to or exceed the suggested minimum size requirements (24″ by 24″ or 576 square inches), allowing your hedgehog enough space to walk around and to fit an exercise wheel, food and water. They all have easy to clean, removable plastic trays that are tall enough to add a liner and shavings without causing a mess!


Hedgehog PlayPens and Gates

When out of their cage, you may want to get your hedgehog a playpen. These allow you to ensure that your hedgie doesn’t run off and hide somewhere in your home, and makes it easy for him to get some extra space while you keep a close eye on him. If you’d like to make sure they stay in the same room but don’t want to confine them in a pen, you can get a gate to block the doorway. Make sure that you choose one that does not have large slats that the hedgehog can get stuck in.

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