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Hedgehog Cage Liners & Shavings: Keep them Clean and Cozy!

Properly caring for a new pet is always important. What is Best for Hedgehogs?

Most people know the basics of caring for a common pet like a cat or a dog. Less is known about proper care for more exotic animals, like our dear little hedgehogs, so we are here to help!

You will most likely house your hedgehog in a cage similar to that of a hamster or guinea pig.


However, the way you line the cage will differ for a hedgehog.


When you first assemble their habitat, you’ll have a choice between using a fabric/absorbent cage liner and traditional pet cage shavings/pellets.

Let’s review each type of cage filler to determine the best option for your pet hedgehog.


Shavings as hedgehog cage lining

So, aside from having an actual lining to keep it cozy, it is also valuable to have some shaving to absorb liquids and a different warmth habitat.

Consider the information below to find the proper shaving for them.


Wood Shavings

It would be best if you NEVER used wood shavings in your hedgehog’s cage.

Treated wood shavings made from cedar or pine will harm and potentially kill your hedgehog.

The risk is not worth it. Not only can the wood shavings be poisonous, but they can get stuck in your hedgehog’s quills and prove to be quite uncomfortable.


Small Pet Bedding

As an alternative, you should use soft shavings explicitly made for small caged animals, such as Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding.


Paper shavings for hedgehogs bedding


The advantage of using pet shavings is primarily that they are easily disposable, and also, they may mask odor better than a fabric liner.


Keep in mind that continuously replacing cage shavings can become expensive.


Shavings can be very messy; most concerning, one never truly knows how prepackaged animal habitat shavings are treated.

They are all treated with something, natural or otherwise. Mites may also live within shavings and can infest your hedgehog quickly if not managed, so change it as required.


Newspaper Bedding

Newspaper shavings are an option that some hedgehog owners consider due to their low cost.

If this is a route you pursue, it is vital to ensure that the newspaper shavings are unprinted.


Traditional newspaper shredded may contain toxic ink that can harm your hedgehog.


If you choose to use disposable shavings as bedding for the bottom of your hedgehog’s habitat, you need to ensure that those:


– Do not have a chemical smell.

– They have ingredients that you are familiar with and,

– The company is a trusted brand that created their shavings specifically for small animals like hedgehogs.


If all of these precautions are firmly in place, you are ready to line your hedgehog’s cage with shavings.


Pellets as hedgehog cage liners

A second disposable cage lining option is to use pet pellets, such as Green Pet Aspen Supreme Pellets.



This gravel-like substance is a good option because it absorbs liquid and odor efficiently.

Like soft shavings, pellets are messy, perhaps even more because they are so small.

While pellets do not attract mites as readily as shavings do, pellets can potentially become painfully stuck between your hedgehog’s quills.

This is also a concern to be aware of when using any shavings—another reason to clean them every day.


Fabric as hedgehog cage liners

The alternative to disposable shavings or pellets is to use or make a washable fabric cage liner, like this lovely Fleece Fabric Blanket.Fabric as hedgehog cage liners


You may already know that your hedgehog enjoys feeling secure and cozy.

If not, maybe you have seen and considered purchasing or making a small fleece pouch for your hedgehog to cuddle up in.


The same comfort will be desirable for your hedgehog when selecting a liner.


You may wish to select a fleece or regular quilting fabric for the two (2) sides of your cage liner and fill the middle with a layer or two of machine wash and dryable batting.

The purpose of the liner is to absorb any liquid and catch any fecal matter as your hedgehog goes about his life.

The benefit of using or making a machine washable liner is that you can reuse it repeatedly and know that it will not have been treated with harmful chemicals.

The downside of using a reusable fabric liner is that you’ll have to wash it instead of tossing it when it’s dirty.

You will also need to routinely inspect the liner to ensure that there are no thread snares upon which your hedgehog might catch and entangle his foot.

If you do decide to use a fabric liner, it is a good idea to have a handful of them so that your hedgehog is never left without a liner in the cage.


Additional hedgehog cage filler options

Finally, as you are outfitting your hedgehog’s habitat, you may want to consider a small machine washable small critter tent or igloo (like this adorable Double Fleece Hang-N-Tent).


Double Fleece Hang-N-Tent



This could be nice to have where your hedgehog may enjoy sneaking away to curl up and sleep.

These cozy domes are available for sale or can be made like fabric cage liners and cozy pouches.

Always remember, regardless of your liner choice, that what you see as a cage for your hedgehog is your hedgehog’s home.

It is crucial to go generous with it as this is where it will spend most of the time.


You want to help make his habitat as comfortable as possible!


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  • Thank you for all of this wonderful evidence!!! Now I will get one and be prepared, thanks to you.

  • Can my hedgehog eat canned snails & butter worms?
    I saw a lot about no outside snails & slugs due to lung worm. But nothing on canned!
    I can not find anything about butter worms & hedge hogs!

    • They are not recommended!


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