Hedgehog Cage Cleaning: Basic Facts for a Healthy Habitat

Cleaning your pet’s cage should be one of the basic tasks to keep your hedgehog healthy. But How Often?

After you’ve learned how to set up your pet hedgehog’s cage and you’ve brought your hedgie home, you will need to make sure you clean out his cage regularly to ensure that he (and you!) are living in a clean environment.

There are a few different levels of cleaning that should be done regularly.


Daily: Spot Clean the Hedgehog Cage

Every day, you should take care of a few small items to keep your hedgehog safe and clean. This should take no more than five (5) minutes per day, and includes:

– Removing any visible feces from the cage.

– Take and dispose the food leftovers, washing out your hedgehog’s food bowl, and supplying with fresh  meals and water.


Weekly or Bi-Weekly: Fully Clean the Hedgehog Cage

One day each week, you should do a full cleaning of your hedgehog’s cage.

If you do consistently spot clean it, it should be safe to do a full clean once every other week.

However, use your judgement: some hedgehogs make more of a mess than others, so if you notice that it looks or smells dirty, be sure to give it a full clean.

While you’re cleaning their cage, be sure to put your hedgehog in a cardboard box or have it supervised by another family member or friend until the cage is ready for him.

Cleaning out the cage should take about thirty minutes, and includes the following steps:

  1. Remove all toys and blankets from the cage.
  2. Empty the cage of current shavings or paper and dispose of old shavings in an outdoor trash can.
  3. Wash out the empty cage with a soapy water and rinse thoroughly. This can be done outside or in a bath tub or shower. For a natural cleaning option, you can wipe the hedgehog cage with hydrogen peroxide (disinfectant) followed by vinegar, and rinse clean!
  4. Clean your hedgehog’s toys using the same method.
  5. Dry the cage and place down a new liner of newspaper.
  6. Fill the cage with new shavings.
  7. Return clean toys and blankets to the cage.

All this process should be pretty straightforward, however if you struggle finding safe disinfectant products, you can always use any alcohol as plan b.



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