About Hedgehog Care 101

About Hedgehog Care 101

Hedgehog Care 101 (HHC101) is your one-stop resource for all things related to this beautiful wild mammal!

Hello all, I’m Margarita from HHC101.

What can I say?

My kids have been always passionate about wild animals, specially those that are small. Then, they found out about the existence of hedgehogs.

Well, before deciding to adopt one of them, it was important to find out more about their habitat, diet and above all, how to care for them.

As I was doing my search, I found that most of the sources were hard to navigate, poorly organize and not providing the answers I was looking for.


Only gave information on certain topics or didn’t provide very helpful information at all.


So, I thought, why not to create a place where:

Current owners could share their firsthand experiences.

– Provide tips with those that were still deciding whether this small mammal was right for them as pet.

Potential future fosters could easily find all of the important information needed without having to search through dozens of separate other options and,

– How to care for them considering they are “as such” not animals to be domesticated.

Well, this is the place for you and them as pets.

Last but not least:


– You cannot find the information you’re looking for.

– Would like your hedgehog pet to be featured in our Spotlight section or,

– Would like to ask a question,


Feel free to send me an email at info@hedgeghogcare101.com or use my contact page so I can get back to you as soon as possible.

Wishing you and your hedgies the best!

-Megan Sylvia
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Thank you, Justin & Elise, for the hedgehog photo featured above!